Help Topics

  • Adding a Patient
  • Viewing a Patient
  • Editing a Patient
  • Managing Patient Comments and Alerts
  • Using the Document Cabinet


Patient management covers the spectrum of handling patient data. You can access patient management functions from the Home menu under the Patient section.

The functionality includes the following:

  • Adding a Patient
  • Viewing a Patient
  • Editing Data for a Patient
  • Adding Patient Comments/ Alerts
  • Using the Document Cabinet

Note: The following patient management features will be available in a future release:

  • Adding to the Patient’s Referred Count – Cloud9 currently counts professional referrals, but a patient’s count will be coming.
  • Scanning or Acquiring a Document Directly into Cloud9 – Scanning is valuable for capturing insurance cards or other documentation and will be available soon.
  • Emailing a Document into Document Cabinet – The Document Cabinet will have this ability when the functionality is available.
  • Editing a Referral/Professional’s Demographics -This function will be readily available in the new People section.