Cloud 9 Help v3

Welcome to Cloud 9

The goal is for your office to start using Cloud 9 HTML5 without a pause in your daily routine. Once you become familiar with the look and functionality of Cloud 9, you’ll discover the menus and buttons are consistent throughout the windows.

In HTML5, you’ll be able to perform your daily functions. From time-to-time, you may need to access the Cloud 9 Silverlight platform to customize your office’s setups and configurations – including adding, editing and deleting preferences. Eventually, users will perform all set up and configurations directly on the Cloud 9 HTML5 platform.

What’s New?

  • Check out the current features list!
  • 5.3 GA is in Beta! The new release will be in all offices by the end of October.

Release Notes

August 2018: Version 5.2.1808.2257

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