Cloud9Ortho Release Notes

April 2013

New Features:

Appointment Types – adding Procedures in setup

Procedures can now be added to the setup of Appointment Types, so that when a patient comes in for a specific appointment type, the Treatment Card Entry can already have certain procedures marked.

View Patient

Contact Information for Related People can now be viewed when you expand the Relationships section of the View Patient screen.

Patient Comments/Alerts

Added a “Tools” Icon to the list of Icons available when Adding Patient Comments/Alerts

Patient Comments/Alerts

The Icons used for Patient Comments will now appear on the Schedule for those Patients’ Appointments.


After Generating Statements there is now a Count (located in the bottom-left corner of the Statement Queue) showing the number of statements listed on the screen. {You can get separate Counts for you Printed and Un-printed statements by checking/unchecking those boxes accordingly.}

Recall List Report

Added the Deband Date to the Recall List report

Appointment Search

Extended the maximum appointment search to 12 weeks. (the maximum was previously 8 weeks)

Printing Schedule Templates

Schedule Templates can now be printed directly from Cloud9. “Print” is now an option in the bottom-right when you are Editing a specific Schedule Template

Printing Schedules

Schedules Grids can now be printed. Open the Schedule and “Print” is on the left side above the “mini calendar,” and this will Print the Schedule grid for the date and Location that is on the screen.

Printing People

From Edit-Setup-People you can print a list of People in the database

Printing Insurance Billing Centers

From Edit-Setup-Insurance Billing centers the list can be Printed

Printing Insurance Companies

From Edit-Setup-Insurance companies, the list of Companies can be printed

Printing Employers

From Edit-Setup-Employers, the list of Employers can be printed

Patient Lookup

Patient ID and Patient Status to the Patient Lookup window

Patient Lookup

There is now a user setting called “Auto-Select if Only One Result” and it can be turned on or off based on user preference.

Standard 10 Image Layout

There is a new Image Layout called “Standard 10 It is similar to the Standard 8 Layout but the PAN and CEPH have been added.

Policy Notes under Patient Insurance

Added a Policy Notes box under Edit Patient-Insurance where users can type in any notes for a specific Patient’s specific Insurance Plan.

No-Show Appointments

Patient Status is now listed for any patients who show up in the ‘Mark as No Show’ list so that users can quickly confirm the Patient Status before marking appointments as No Show.

Signature Pad

When a letter is Merged in the Letter Queue, there is now a Signature Pad option at the bottom. Users can expand the Signature Pad feature and use Capture to have a signature recorded. We have tested using a Wacom Bamboo Digital Tablet that can be purchased at any office supply vendor.

On-Demand Statements

Statements can now be printed for individual patients.

1.       From Ledger, Print, then Print Statement

2.       Options are to then Include:

a.       Include this Month’s Transactions

b.      Include Today’s Transactions

c.       Include This Year’s Transactions

Include Transactions for a Date Range (and the Range can be set manually)

Treatment Card Entries – can add additional “Appointments”

When adding a Treatment Card Entry, additional Appointment Types can be added and the coinciding Procedures will be marked on the entry.

d.      It is required that within the Treatment Card Setup, “Appointment” must be one of the entry items, and needs to be added if not already used by the office.

Treatment Card – Adding Entries

The Add Treatment Card window can now be set to view in tab to allow navigation to other areas of Cloud9 while Adding a Treatment Card Entry. Previously Add Entry took over the screen until OK or Cancel were clicked to close that window.

Adding Tx Card entries “in tab” is a Preference that must be turned on behind the scenes in App Preferences. Please contact Support to initiate this change. We did not want to activate this for any offices who do not want this functionality, but though there is no drawback to turning this action on, it is a matter of preference for offices.


Created new arrows to navigate to the “View Next Image in This Series” and “View Next Image of this Type” as well as “View Previous Image in This Series” and “View Previous Image of this Type.” These are available when you access a Patient’s Images using the “Images” icon on the Home tab.

Appointment Status Bar

Appointments with the same Appointment Time will be ordered in the “Waiting” drop-down by Check-In time so the patient who checked in first will be above patients who have the same appointment time but checked in after him/her.

Payment Receipts

“Remaining Balance” is now listed on the Payment Receipt when printed. Remaining Balance will be equal to the Total Due remaining for the Responsible Party who made the payment.

Financial Ledger – Insurance

The Employer Name now appears (in addition to the Insurance Company) on the ledger tabs for Insurance. This applies to the Insurance sections when viewing a Contract as well.

Data Miner

Created a new View called “Patient Appointments” to allow for additional reporting regarding patient appointments.

Merge Utilities

Insurance Billing Centers, Insurance Companies, and Postal Codes can be merged into one entity if there are duplicates. The Employee Permission to “Run Utilities” is required to use this feature.

Merge Utilities are also used for Procedure Reporting.






Adding Self Relationships

Users can now add a Self Relationship under Edit Patient-Relationships by clicking “+” and then choose “Self” as the Relationship and avoid any error messages when Saving. Users have previously had to click “+” then use the binoculars to look up the patient, then choose “Self” as the Relationship to avoid error messages when Saving.

Edit Patient

“Please Wait” will now appear when loading Edit Patient to prevent the user from going to the other tabs within Edit Patient before the information is loaded fully. This will prevent the user from clicking to the Tracking tab too soon, causing a common visual discrepancy where the Tracking information was not visually showing recent changes.

Emailing Images

Corrected a problem when emailing Images where the “From” field was overwritten with the Practice’s email address instead of using the Employee’s email address. Images will now be emailed from the Employee’s email address, if one is setup for the sending Employee. Otherwise the Images will be emailed from the Practice’s email address.

Emailing Images

Under certain conditions, when emailing images, the recipient was receiving 2 emails, one with the attached images and one with a blank message. This has been resolved and only 1 email will be sent or received.


Corrected a problem causing Questionnaires to be duplicated under some circumstances when the user Edited Questionnaires.


Corrected the counts for each type of Case Start within the Case Starts by Date Range reports


The Report previously named “Payments” has been renamed “Receipts”

Reports – Practice Summary

“Starts” on the Practice Summary has been changed to “Contract Starts” for clarification purposes.


Made corrections to the logic used for the Due By date on Statements


Made corrections to account for Responsible Parties with 2 Street Address lines.


Made corrections to include Practice Addresses with 2 Street Address lines.


Corrected a problem causing certain Statements to print a blank page following the actual statement.


“Show Transactions Since” Date cannot be set to a future date when generating statements. An error message will appear if the date is set in the future.

Images on Documents & Letters

Changed Image sizing within Document Editor to keep the height/width ratios accurate. Avoids distorting the Image size on Documents and Letters.

Documents & Letters – Special Characters in names.

An error message will appear when saving new documents in the Document Editor that have special characters in the name. An error message will also appear if acquiring a document into the Document Cabinet and using a special character.

The use of “/” and other special characters was preventing documents from Saving and/or Importing successfully, so a warning message now appears before the failure occurs.

Appointment Details - History

Correction to the date/time of Appointment Status changes. The stamps for Cancelling and Marking as No Show were corrupted in certain situations.

Insurance Claims

Adding a Preauthorization Claim to the Insurance Claims Queue will now have “Request for Predetermination/Preauthorization” checked within the “type of transaction” section on a Claim Form


Created further prevention methods to disallow Adjustments to be made to a Contract that has not been started.


Made changes to prevent certain errors that occurred when adding an Insurance Company and an Insurance Billing Center from Edit Patient-Insurance.


Corrected a bug preventing a Recall Appointment Type from being deleted. An “X” is now present next to the Recall appointment Type and will be used to delete the existing Recall Appointment Type.

Letter Queue

When Printing Merged Letters from the Letter Queue, the Status will now change to “P” for “Printed.” (“N” indicates “New”)

Schedule Notes

Schedule Notes for Locations that are not in the Eastern time zone appeared at different times than intended in certain situations, and this has been resolved.

Recall Labels Report

The Recall Labels report can be generated by only choosing a date. Previously leaving Recall Type blank caused failures to generate under certain circumstances.


On the Responsible Party section of any Contract, “Day of the Month” is now limited to entries between 1 and 28. Previously, when using “29, 30, or 31” charge dates would become corrupted due to February only having 28 days (29 on leap year).






New Reports:

**Permissions are NOT assigned to any Employees when new Reports are created. To give permission to the applicable Employees, go to Edit on the top, blue toolbar, then to Setup, and then to Employees. Choose the appropriate Employee and click Edit. The Permission boxes are on the right-side of the Employee window**

Procedure Detail

Provides a detailed list of all Procedures entered on Patient Treatment card within a Date Range

Procedure Summary by Assistant

Provides a count of each Procedure Type entered by individual Assistants within a date Range.

Procedure Summary by Location

Gives totals of each Procedure Code used for each Location over a date range.

Procedure Summary by Month

Provides a Count and Dollar Total of each Procedure Code used each month.


The Report previously named “Payments” has been renamed “Receipts”

Practice Monitor by Date Range

Gives totals for Production, Receipts, Net Adjustments, and Accounts Receivables over a date range.

Production by Date Range

Lists all Transaction Types, that are set to “Affect Production” in setup, that were posted with the date range entered will be listed on this Report and separated by Transaction Type.

Receipts by Date Range

Gives all Payments posted within a date range, and can be broken by Location.

Adjustments by Date Range

Lists all Adjustments posted with a date range, and can be broken by Location.

Monthly New Patient Exams

All Dismissed Appointment Types that are marked as “New Patient Exam” in Tracking within setup will appear on this list (usually Exam appointment Types).

The report is generated using a date range and will give Patient Name, ID, Status, Referring Party, Risk Code, Entry Date, Exam Date, Next Appointment Date and Type, Recall Date, Recall Type and Orthodontist for all dismissed “New Patient Exams” within the date range entered.

Contract Starts by Date Range

A summary of New Contracts started with the date range entered.

Patients Flow Detail

Summarizes the details of appointments over a date range, in terms of Lobby Time, On Deck Time (waiting), Chair Time, Appointment Time, RfC time, Total Time. The Report will list the Shortest, Longest, and Average for these times.

The Report can be ordered by Time, Chair, or Assistant, and grouped by Appointment Status, Appointment Type, or Assistant