Cloud9Ortho Version 3 Release Notes

       I.            Enhancements

1.       Imaging

a.       We added the ability to create grid lines so that you can position the images in your Standard 8 layout with much greater precision

b.      We added a new Unlock feature when viewing the Standard 8 layout that allows you to size, rotate and crop with much greater precision

c.       We added an Adjustments feature that gives  you the ability to adjust the brightness, contrast and/or gamma of an image

d.      We added the ability to change the image type for an image

e.      We added the ability to rename a series

f.        We added the ability to export an entire series of images

g.       We added the ability to delete an entire series of images

h.      We improved our ability to revert to the original image when changes to an image have been made

i.         You can now download a layout as PDF to improve the print time and reliability

j.        We changed the sorting of image series in the list to be ordered by Date/Time descending


2.       Appointments

a.       We added the ability (based upon a user permission) to view the history of every change to an appointment in the Appointment Details

b.      We added the ability to view the Appointment Details for an appointment from the Patient Appointment History

3.       Statements

a.       You can now Download Statements to your local computer to improve printing speed

4.       Contracts

a.       Contract Picker – Adjustments made on Ledgers that have more than one Contract

b.      Auto-Fill for AutoPayments – We’ve added support for auto-payment amounts when using the Fill button.

5.       Treatment Card

a.       We fixed an issue that caused new treatment card entries not to save when the text in one of the fields was too long.  We now warn and attempt to truncate the typed information if it is too long for the treatment card column.

b.      We fixed an issue that caused some treatment card entries to bloat to a very large size

6.       Letters

a.       We now allow e-mailing of letters from the Letter Queue.

7.       Patient Comments

a.       Patient Comments that are marked to show in the Financial Ledger can now be specific to a responsible party or insurance ledger, instead of always showing on all ledgers.

8.       Patient Lookup

a.       We now remember the selection of the “Include Inactive Patients” checkbox for future lookups.

9.       Schedule Templates

a.       We added a confirmation when deleting a Schedule Template

10.   Reports

a.       Recurring Payments – Will give you a list of any Autopayments scheduled for that date.

b.      Receipt Summary by Payment Type – Gives you a summary of payments, grouped by location and payment type, for a chosen daily close

c.       Recalls by Date Range – Choose the Appointment Types or enter the Recall Type, Choose Locations and set the Date Range to search for matching Recalls

d.      Operatory Schedule – Portrait – The list of Patients Scheduled for a specific Date including appointment notes

                                                                           i.      Can optionally be sorted Alphabetically by Patient Last Name

     II.            Resolutions

1.       We’ve made a number of fixes for issues related to printing.

2.       Data Miner – Fixed Saving Data Miner Filters that include both an “And” and an “Or”

3.       Fixed issues with electronic claims:

a.       Fixed issue with middle names causing us to send the incorrect name to Emdeon

b.      Fixed issue with incorrectly including carriage returns in electronic claims fields

4.       We no longer allow negative down payment amounts

5.       We no longer allow adjustments that would cause the contract balance to become a negative amount

6.       We fixed issues that could cause an Out of Memory error when importing several large images

7.       We fixed an issue that caused the removal of the Recall Appointment  Type to fail

8.       We fixed an issue that incorrectly allowed the “Include Charges Through”  setting when generating statements to be in the past

9.       We fixed an issue that caused the patient selection to default to the wrong patient (under certain circumstances) when scheduling an appointment in the schedule grid from Patient Checkout.

10.   We fixed an issue that caused Headers and Footers to be lost after the first page in some cases when printing letters