What is the Cloud?

The cloud is something you have probably already been using and don't even know it. If you use Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail as your mail client you are technically using the cloud. It is the ability to access data over an internet connection. The cloud is a style of computing in which IT related capabilities are provided as a service, so you do not need to know how it all works - it just does! Cloud9Ortho is a true cloud application written from the ground up to take full advantage of cloud services. 

Other software companies are claiming they are in the cloud now, but they did not re-write their product. How can that be?

The word cloud has been used very loosely the past few years and the orthodontic industry is no exception. Beware of Cloud Washing, defined as "The purposeful and sometimes deceptive attempt by a vendor to rebrand an old product or service by associating the buzzword 'cloud' with it."  David Linthicum wrote an interesting article about hosting services that call themselves cloud software, which you can read more about HERE.  Also, below is a humorous illustration that depicts a company's improper use of the word cloud: 


Is my data safe in the Cloud?

Your data is actually more safe in the cloud than in your office. Let's compare it to banking. Where do you keep your money? At home under a cushion or in a closet? Probably not! You keep it in a bank because it is much safer there. They have security cameras, guards, and vaults. The same is true with the data for your practice. Your server is much more vulnerable in your office than it is in a secure, locked down data center. Simon Crosby, former CTO of Citrix Systems, said, “Any way you look at it, the bottom line is clear: The online world may be getting more dangerous by the day – but the cloud is safer than ever.”

What happens if my internet connection goes down?

While losing your internet connection is becoming more rare by the day, it is possible that it could happen. Reliability is at an all time high and the internet is getting faster and more reliable by the day. If you would like a back-up, you could purchase a broadband wireless hot spot from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or Clear and have a backup for your internet.  You can also run DSL and Cable internet using a dual-WAN router, and if one goes down the other one will pick up without you even noticing. While most offices will never need this, some orthodontists like the peace of mind to have a back-up connection.

Other companies say your platform is old technology. How can that be since you claim you are on the latest platform?

It is very interesting to hear and read this on competitors' websites. We are on the latest platform and have the architecture to prove it. Our competitors wrote their products on much older technology (10 plus years older) than Cloud9Ortho. We have the ability to actually update our product if and when the internet does change. In addition, we can scale our product much easier than others, which keeps your cost lower. Competitors are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by calling their product a cloud software solution.

What happens when technology changes?

You re-write the program! The front end of Cloud9Ortho is currently written in Silverlight, which is a browser plug-in used by Netflix, Amazon and many others. In late 2013 a new standard for web based products, HTML5 was standardized. We know that is the future and so we began re-writing our front end in HTML5 at the beginning of 2014 and are well underway in the process.  The clinical and mobile areas are completed as well as patient check-in.  Front desk functions will be active by Summer, 2017.  There is no conversion or retraining required as we roll out the additional modules.

Do you charge for modules?

No way! You get everything with Cloud9Ortho and we are not going to nickel and dime your practice.  The only exception today is our ceph tracing program which comes from a third party.

Do you have special packages for new grads?

Absolutely! We understand you are just coming out of school and we want to partner with you to allow unlimited growth potential. Cloud9Ortho is not only affordable for new grads, but it will also greatly reduce your IT cost. You no longer need to buy an expensive server or have an IT company install costly T1 or T3 lines. You can use a Mac, PC, or a combination of both. No emulators required!

Does Cloud9Ortho offer an imaging solution?

Yes! Cloud9Ortho offers imaging which is tightly integrated with your practice management. If you would like to use our ceph package you can read more about it HERE.

Do I need virus protection and other programs on my computer if I choose Cloud9Ortho?

Yes, you will still need a virus protection program to protect yourself against the crazy internet. As an example, your staff could open an infected email so you need to make sure you are protected.  You will not need Microsoft Office or any other word processing program as we have built a word processing program into Cloud9Ortho. 

How much is Cloud9Ortho?

Just as your staff won't answer that question over the phone without you seeing the patient for a diagnosis, we first need to diagnose your current situation and then we will provide you a price. Give us a call today at 1-800-394-6050 option 1 or visit our contact us page to learn more!