Q&A with Dr. Lauren Kovaleski

We recently asked Dr. Lauren Kovaleski about her experience with Cloud9Ortho. Dr. Kovaleski graduated from the University of Florida and worked in another practice prior to opening her own practice. 

1. Overall, describe your experience with Cloud9Ortho.

My experience with Cloud9 so far has been incredible!  From day 1 the system was just so easy to use.  I love being able to access my information from any computer anywhere in the world and not having to deal with servers and constant IT problems.  Cloud9 is very user-friendly and intuitive and has everything you need in one place without having to open additional programs.  The support is top-notch with such personal attention that every interaction is a pleasurable experience.

2. Can you please describe what your experience has been with Cloud9Ortho's support team.

Amazing!  I have never waited on the phone for more than about 10 seconds before talking to a real person.  Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and most have gone above and beyond to make sure all my questions have been answered.  They are so well trained and knowledgeable and even take notes of changes that I would like to implement. 

3. As a new grad, what were your primary factors for choosing Cloud9Ortho?

For me, I didn't want the initial expense of servers or IT personnel.  I also wanted the ease of use for being able to access my information from anywhere on any platform.  I have used other programs in the past at another office and had so many problems with access at satellite offices and the number of licenses and then having to stay at the office to finish charts or check the schedule.  Now, I leave at 5:00 and if there's still work to be done, no problem, I can do it at home or at the beach or anywhere I choose! 

4. If an office called you asking your thoughts on Cloud9Ortho what would you tell them?

Do it!  It just makes sense! The program is outstanding and the level of service is second to none!

5. Any other comments?

Of all the decisions I had to make in opening a new practice, this is the one I am most pleased with.  No regrets whatsoever!

Dr. Lauren Kovaleski