Lee Provow, Practice Administrator for Hiser Orthodontics, shares his experience with Cloud9Ortho

We asked Lee Provow, who leads the team at Hiser Orthodontics, what his thoughts where on Cloud9Ortho. 

1. Can you please describe how using Cloud9Ortho has changed the way you practice?

Cloud9Ortho has enabled us to continue our rapid growth plans into new markets with great ease due to the flexibility of the cloud based solution. The ease of use has made it extremely simple to train new employees and add new practices without having to purchase expensive hardware and communications.

2. Can you please describe what your experience has been with Cloud9's support team?

Unlike some of the other Practice Management Systems we have used, Cloud9Ortho’s support team has been friendly and extremely knowledgeable not only on the PMS, but also on how an orthodontic practice runs day to day.

3. What cost savings have you run across? Can you please describe them?

Our biggest cost savings has come from not having to purchase & update servers and communication bandwidth to service our multiple locations.

4. If an office called you asking your thoughts on Cloud9Ortho what would you tell them?

It is the only system that we have found that can scale to meet our growing needs. Plus it is easy to use and has been designed to meet the needs of an orthodontic practice.

5. How was the conversion from your previous system?

We have done 2 conversions in the past 24 months. The first one was from Orthotrac to Oasys and was a disaster, while the conversion from Oasys to Cloud9Ortho went smooth and the onsite team helped with the investigation of the any conversion issues and ensured a complete resolution was found in a very short period of time.

Lee Provo
Practice Administrator
Hiser Orthodontics