Post AAO Thoughts

What an amazing AAO! We want to thank all of our current customers for stopping by and having fun with the Cloud9 team! We also want to thank all potential prospects who stopped by to learn more about the cloud. Our 16-foot cloud was hard to miss in the exhibit hall!

There is a lot misinformation out there regarding cloud computing and I wanted to address a few of the things we heard were being said about Cloud9Ortho by our competitors. I have always found it funny when a prospect tells me what our competitors say about us – some think they know more about Cloud9Ortho than we do!

As you may know, we use the Silverlight platform from Microsoft. The most common lie brought up by competitors was the fact that Silverlight platform is no longer supported by Microsoft. This statement is simply not true. Silverlight is a great web platform that large companies such as Netflix and Amazon are using today. If Silverlight is so bad, someone better call the CEOs of Netflix and Amazon and tell them! Microsoft has stated that it will support Silverlight through at least 2021. So what does all this mean for Cloud9Ortho users? The good news is that we have already started developing an HTML5 version which is the latest web platform today. HTML5 was standardized last year and at that time we began working on it. This will not affect our users as they will all be upgraded to the latest platform when it is ready - well before 2021! In the meantime, they can continue to run on the most efficient platform today.

We also heard that one vendor told people that we had sold the company. That is news to us, so whoever bought us, please let us know!

I can understand why other companies like to spread lies about Cloud9Ortho. We are the only orthodontic practice management software that was written as an internet product so other companies have resorted to trying to scare people about Cloud9. The truth is that offices have converted to us from our all competitors and we are helping practices be more efficient and save money - while providing the best customer service in the industry.

We did have one prospect bring his IT person along to the meeting with him and after researching every software on the floor came back to Cloud9 to purchase and said, “You are the only true cloud product out there, the rest is just smoke and mirrors.”

When you are looking for your next practice management software, make sure to ask yourself which company you would like to do business with - one that tells you lies about their competitors or one who takes the high road and shows you the benefits of their software. I am sure you hope your patients also make the same choice when choosing treatment.

Jake Gulick
Director of Sales