Dr. Angie Canales shares her thoughts on Cloud9Ortho

Please describe how using Cloud9Ortho has changed the way you practice

Cloud9Ortho has given us so much more freedom in our practice. There are countless short cuts built into Cloud 9 that give us the freedom to focus on the patient experience instead of on data entry & other time consuming tasks. Cloud 9 gives us freedom to customize our forms, questionnaires, emails, etc. any way we want to allow us to present our practice to our patients and referring doctors the way we choose to do so. Because we can access our patient data from anywhere with internet access, Cloud 9 has given us freedom to do things like reschedule patients or write treatment notes from the comfort of our home. Most of us who aspire to be practice owners, do so because we want to have freedom to do things our way. Cloud9Ortho allows us to do that!

Please describe what your experience has been with Cloud9's support team

My experience with the support team at Cloud 9 has been exceptional from start to finish. Starting with the phone call, the support team answers the phone promptly. I've never had to wait on hold longer than 30 seconds for a team member to answer my call. A solution to my problem is always found within a matter of minutes! The support team alone is reason enough to get on Cloud 9! 

What cost savings have you run across?

Our biggest cost savings has come from not having to purchase & update servers. Along with that, we don't have the large IT costs associated with maintaining that equipment and/or repairing it. We knew we wanted to convert to Cloud 9 in the practice we purchased. After the second server crash that took place within 2 months after we purchased the practice, we called Cloud 9 & scheduled our conversion.

If an office called you asking your thoughts on Cloud9Ortho what would you tell them?

Canales Orthodontics & Cloud9Ortho…. it just makes sense!

How was the conversion from your previous system?

Our conversion from our previous software to Cloud9Ortho went great! Converting actually helped us discover ways we could better manage certain aspects of our practice that the old software didn't allow us to do. Converting to Cloud9Ortho from our previous software was like going from riding a bicycle with two flat tires to driving a Ferrari.

Dr. Angie Canales
Canales Orthodontics