2014 Users Meeting

This past weekend Cloud9Ortho had its second annual Users Meeting in Atlanta, GA. What a GREAT turnout and meeting.

A theme at Cloud9Ortho is to think different and we tried to make our Users Meeting “different” as well. We received a call on Monday from a doctor who told us, “My staff has never been more energized after returning from a meeting. I am coming next year!” One goal of users meetings is to connect offices from one part of the country with others so they learn from each other. One of our users in Tennessee met a doctor from Minnesota and they are sharing questionnaires. We LOVE to see that sort of sharing, and with Cloud9Ortho it is even easier since we can transfer items between offices for you in minutes!

We want to thank everyone for attending and a special thanks to the consultants and vendors who came this year. We are very thankful for our users and industry partners!

If you attended, please keep an eye out for a survey as we want to make next year even better!

Thank you! 

Cloud9Ortho Team