Cost Analysis with Cloud9Ortho

I have been in sales for over 8 years and have done many demos to potential clients. We go through the demo, answer questions, then they always ask, “Okay, what is this going to cost me?”

My favorite response is, “it is not going to cost you anything - in fact over 10 years, I am going to save you thousands of dollars.” I go to offices to help them and when we actually break the numbers down, they realize that Cloud9Ortho will save them thousands of dollars.

I have read hundreds of articles about Cloud Computing and small businesses and they pretty much all say the same thing - you are crazy if you are a small business and not taking advantage of the Cloud. The cost savings, security and flexibility that Cloud Computing will bring to your practice will change the way you operate and make you more profitable.

Here is an example of what an office currently may be spending per year:

Yearly support for current software: $5,000

Server (cost spread out over 5 years, the average life of a server): $2,000

Service to send email and text messages and patient portal: $2,400

IT Support for network, server and workstations: $4,200

Offsite backup: $960

Approximate Yearly Cost: $14,560

With Cloud9 you would eliminate the cost for a server, cost to send emails and text (we include that for FREE), Offsite backup, and probably greatly reduce your IT expense. I may be underestimating some of the costs, but that will make your savings even more!

Conservatively you would save at least $6,000 a year which means that over 10 years, you will save over $60,000! Chances are these numbers are even higher.

This year, BE BOLD and take the Cloud9 challenge to see how much you would save!

Jake Gulick