A view from one of our users, Dr. Keith Harvey

From time to time we ask one of our users to answer a few questions about Cloud9Ortho so we can learn if there are things we can do better. We also want to continue to learn from them how we can help them. Below you will find Dr. Keith Harvey's answers to our questions.

1. Can you please describe how using Cloud9Ortho has changed the way you practice?

In a nutshell, we're totally portable. Whether I'm teaching, on vacation or sitting around my house I have complete access to my practice. Even better is the fact that I can use any computer anywhere.

2. Can you please describe what your experience has been with Cloud9's support team.

The team has been very prompt and supportive. Everyone is courteous and helpful.

3. What cost savings have you run across? Can you please describe them?

Where do you want me to start? The cost of the software, support and storage/backup was less than what we were paying for just support and off site storage. The equipment cost difference is huge in that you no longer have to have 10's of 1000's of dollars worth of servers and computers. Any computer works just fine.

4. If an office called you asking your thoughts on Cloud9Ortho what would you tell them?

Buy it today! You'll love it especially if you have multiple offices. It has been easy to use and very adaptable.

5. Any other comments?

I have known most of the folks at Cloud9Ortho for some time. They are great people with great ideas. We are friends that just happen to have a great working relationship.

Dr. Keith Harvey, Mobile, AL

Dr. Keith Harvey, Mobile, AL