A staff members thoughts on Cloud9Ortho

Krissa from Dr. Mike Williams's office shares her thoughts on Cloud9 and how it has made her more efficient in the office. 

Can you please describe how using Cloud9Ortho has changed the way you practice.

Cloud9ortho is very user-friendly.  Being the Business Coordinator it has made getting daily tasks completed more efficiently.  I like that within 24 hours we know if an insurance claim has been received & if there was a problem.  If the claim was not received due to a problem the program lets me know what the problem is so I can fix and get paid faster on a claim.

Can you please describe what your experience has been with Cloud9's support team.

The support team is well trained and explains the how's and why's.  They walk you through all steps needed to answer questions so that you have a complete understanding on how a procedure works.

What cost savings have you run across? Can you please describe them?

Our office has save on paper forms such as insurance claims forms. This form is implemented into the program to print if needed eliminating purchasing the forms.

If an office called you asking your thoughts on Cloud9Ortho what would you tell them?

With any change comes a learning curve but with Cloud9ortho the learning curve is minimal.  This program has been the easiest to understand and there is always someone to help you with any questions.  I would recommend the program to any office.