What is the difference between Cloud9Ortho and the other "clouds"?

If you have recently looked into a new practice management system, chances are good you have heard the word “cloud.”  You have probably heard how one cloud is better than the other cloud as well. Who are you to believe?

Cloud computing has many definitions and, depending on who you ask, you will receive a different answer. Some companies believe simply moving your server offsite constitutes Cloud Computing. Others, like Cloud9Ortho (and every other major tech company for that matter) believe you must do much more than moving a server offsite, you must design and develop your product from the ground up as a true cloud application.

Adding to the confusion, some vendors keep changing their message. One vendor, who can only use one type of computer, stated two years ago that “the cloud is regressive – it is like putting bands on every tooth.”  Now they state they have been using the cloud for 7 years.  How is this credible? Many companies are deceiving users.

Let's forget about Orthodontics for a second and talk about Microsoft’s definition of the cloud. Microsoft now has their very popular email client, Outlook, on the Cloud. Microsoft does not require you to remote login or use terminal service to access Outlook on the Cloud.  You simply go to any browser on a PC or Mac, go to their website, and are you using Outlook. That is because it was written from the ground up as a web application; it is different than the version you install locally on your computer.

The reason Microsoft did not use Citrix, RDP or Terminal Services is because that technology is old! That could have been done years ago but they did not do it due to performance issues. Microsoft knew that the only way to have a great performing program would be to design it as a cloud application.

Another example is www.icloud.com. What happens when you go to that website and log in? Without installing any software or using remote desktop or Citrix, I can see my email, my calendar, my notes, reminders, etc. The Calendar application on icloud.com looks a little different than what is installed on my computer and it should! It was written for the web and not to be installed locally!

Ask the other companies if they re-wrote their product on a web platform. Chances are the answer is no. Ask if you can run on a PC or a Mac in their native mode.  Do not be deceived by the faux clouds. Cloud9Ortho was written on the latest platform from the ground up as a true cloud program. We are always looking to educate people about the Cloud. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 800-394-6050 or send an email to sales@cloud9ortho.com.