Customer Service - Where has it gone?

Remember the days of calling a company with a question and getting a human and not a robotic prompt? Remember the days of low hold times? Remember the days of the person on the other end of the phone call caring about your call and not trying to get you off the phone to help the next person so they meet their quota of closed calls?Those were the days! Unfortunately it is very hard to find that level of customer service anymore.

When Cloud9Ortho was first getting off the ground, one of things we made very clear was that we will strive to provide better customer service than the other companies. That was our goal and not just lip service. Actions speak louder than words and we wanted to prove to our customers that we care. 

The key to providing top notch customer service is hiring the right people. We started with Kevin who is now our support manager; his dedication to our clients and how much he cares is a huge part of our success. Kevin has surrounded himself with other great employees to provide our customers with elite level customer service. 

As mentioned above, actions speak louder than words so we wanted to share a few quotes from our users about customer service that we have received unsolicited:


We feel  like we are part of the family with cloud9 — this is the nicest company I have dealt with.  We love the program, the support and our whole experience with  customer service has been great!
— Susan, Hiser Orthodontics, previous Orthotrac and Oasys user
I was just having a conversation with Dr. Harvey about how amazing Cloud9 customer support is - especially in light of some of the less than stellar customer support I receive from other technology services that we utilize. So, I wanted to take just a moment to tell you all how much we appreciate your AMAZING customer support. I wish all the various services we used had the same level of service.
— Amber, Dr. Keith Harvey, previous Orthotrac user
Your support staff are fabulous - They take EXCELLENT care of me!!
— Stefani, Genecov Orthodontics, previous Orthotrac user
I could not let more time go by without letting you know what a great employee and representative of your company Chad is.  He is always so helpful, so kind, he is such a great listener, he has loads of patience and I could go on and on. Everyone in our office agrees he is a great asset to Cloud9. Please know I would not have written you this note if I did not mean every single word of this.  Please pass this on to Chad, he is very deserving of a pat on the back.”
— Sue, Dr. Doug Depew, Converted from Orthotrac

We will continue to remember who is serving who and work extremely hard to keep the same level of customer service and support our clients have received from our team. Sometimes it is about more than the product, it is about the people and company.